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      Jersey Girls Pet Grooming

The best choice for you and your pet!

Marianne (Salon Expert) : 609-443-4026 / Erica (Salon Expert) : 609-664-6785

Grooming Expectations

How long your pet stays with us between drop off and pick up is based upon fluctuating factors such as type of service you require, size of pet, type of coat, difficulty level and scheduling demands of the day. If you're concerned about needing to pick up your pet by a certain time, please speak with our groomers in advance to make arrangements that work for both of us. We cannot guarantee certain time frames unless prior arrangements have been made. We do not rush the grooming process for conveniences sake as our job is a delicate practice that requires patience and compassion individual to eat pet. Please do not create time constraints around your grooming appointment without notifying us ahead of time or rescheduling of appointment may occur at our discretion. Clients arriving more than 20 minutes late for their appointment without at least one hour prior notification may be subject to appointment rescheduling as we see fit and/or forfeit any prior pickup time agreement. We do our best to cater to every client but if your appointment runs into another clients because of a missed or late drop off time, adjustments may need to be made. If you arrive early for your appointment, we ask you to please have a seat in our waiting room and we will assist you as soon as possible. 

Sometimes we have a client we are already working on so please try to be as quiet and considerate as possible when entering so as to not excite the pets already with us. If the door is locked when you arrive, please just give us a moment. Often when we are getting large breed dogs in and out of the bathing/drying area we lock the door for a few minutes to ensure they do not get overtly excited by someone walking in. Some of our largest clients are over 130lbs so we ask kindly for your patience while we move from room to room and ensure theirs and our safety from pulling/getting pulled.

If your pet has any matting that could conflict with the type of haircut you're expecting to receive, we will discuss it with you ahead of time. Minor blade adjustments will be made during the process but we will never intentionally shave a dog that you have explicitly indicated you did not want shaved without notifying you ahead of time. At that time you can decide to proceed with grooming based upon what we believe we can achieve or try to reduce matting yourself at home or to get a second opinion. We do NOT comb/brush out excessive matting. This is incredibly painful for your pet and we operate in a compassionate environment. If you choose to put your pet under that stress we will respect it but we ourselves will not be the ones to inflict the stress and ask you to inquire to other salons or a vet.