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      Jersey Girls Pet Grooming

The best choice for you and your pet!

Marianne (Salon Expert) : 609-443-4026 / Erica (Salon Expert) : 609-664-6785

Our Promise

Our main goal is to ensure that both you and your pet feel comfortable and relaxed while in our care. We adhere to only the highest standard of safety protocols to give you peace of mind that your pets are in good hands. If we ever feel that for safety concerns of both your pet and ourselves that we will not be able to meet our standards, we will recommend you try another service such as in-home grooming or potentially another salon.

     It is especially difficult for pets who have been groomed by one groomer for a long period of time to adjust to a new one. A trust between your pet and their groomer is built over time and when the process has to be restarted it can be a big adjustment for your pet that must be taken seriously. Not all pets will feel comfortable going to just anyone and we don't always know what could be making them nervous. Sometimes for many rescue dogs it could be a smell, a sound, a gesture or even a word that could trigger old memories of abusive environments and though we always try to understand what we can do to make your pet as comfortable as possible, sadly we cannot have them tell us what's wrong and sometimes the only solution is a different environment.

     We will not work with any pet that doesn't feel comfortable in our care as that can lead to nervous behavior and undue stress on your pet. It is natural for pets to be a little nervous during initial drop off because of separation from their owners, but within a few minutes almost all pets relax and then enjoy their experience with us. We want all pets to leave happy and healthy and we do not take it personally if sometimes switching to new groomers is difficult for your pet to understand, though sometimes necessary. If during their first few grooming's with us they do not seem to relax enough for us to safely use our equipment, we will recommend alternative options.

     We try to accommodate as much as we can to each individual pets needs. We are always honest and forthcoming about what to expect with your grooming experience and pet safety is our top concern. Each pet is offered their own crate for their duration with us - individually sanitized with pet friendly products after every client. Cleanliness breeds a healthy environment for your pet and our for our staff that we take seriously. We do not use any form of harnesses or leads to hold your dog in place while on our tables and instead choose to sooth your pet with touch and patience until they feel comfortable allowing us to work on them. We do not use heated cage dryers. Our cage dryers are forced air operation only and if heat is required for spot drying, we use small handheld dryers while your pet is in our arms to better monitor the level of heat and your pets reaction to it. If you ever have any questions or concerns we encourage you to speak with us directly so that we may ease any worries you or your pet may have about the grooming process.